Almondipity One-Ingredient Almond Butter

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Using our unique almond variety, Almondipity Almond Butter is perfect as a healthier alternative to peanut butter. The dry-roasted, naturally sweeter almond allows us to produce a delicious almond butter without adding any sweetener, and never any preservatives. Almondipity goes great with almost anything, but our favorites include apples, bananas, crackers, celery and bread, just to name a few. It is also a great addition to protein shakes. It’s high nutrient content, low saturated fat content and healthy amount of protein make it a great daily staple.

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5 reviews for Almondipity One-Ingredient Almond Butter

  1. Jill Neifer

    I recently bought a jar at the gym I attend and I love it……It has a creamy texture that is lovely on whole wheat toast and with fruit. I absolutely love peanut butter and I have found this to be a healthier alternative! I need to buy another jar:)

  2. Carol Schaefer

    I just purchased my first jar and it’s about gone! This is the best Almond Butter I have eaten. It’s only almonds so I feel okay about putting in my body. I am getting Almondipity from now on, sorry Trader Joe’s.

  3. Jeff

    My 4year old and I are seriously addicted to this stuff. Every night after dinner, I slice apples to dip for him and I and I’ll slice more apples for either breakfast or in between meals. I’m totally content using it for dipping apples but would look forward to ideas. My coworker that I introduced this to is just as excited about our discovery and likes to add honey and I think she said she spreads it on toast. Anyhow, I look forward to the Thursday Farmers market to buy MORE!

  4. Chante

    I happened upon Almondipity at my local farmers market. This has now become an important part of my meals. I add it to my smoothies in the morning and eat it along with banana and apple slices. The only thing I question is this being truly organic, but I like that it’s local and very simple in the ingredients list. Thanks for making this available for my area.

    • Aaron (verified owner)

      Thank you for enjoying our almond butter. We are definitely proud of the health benefits of our all natural products. Unfortunately, they are not organic and I apologize if you were told that they were. We have recently planted an organic block and will launch an organic almond butter as soon as the trees yield a harvest, but that will take a few years. Until then, rest assured that we exceed the Best Farming Practices guidelines set forth by the Almond Board of California and the USDA, and as always, only use almonds that we grow.

  5. Kelly

    Purchased the 8oz container of Almond Butter b/c my husband is allergic to peanuts and it’s AMAZING!!!

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